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Clinton believes in constantly evolving and growing his skills and abilities to make each build unique and better than the last.

Frustrated at the lack of authenticity, care and passion of the people that he found himself during his carpenter’s apprenticeship, Clinton saw an opportunity to create homes with skill and flair, different from those mass-build machines that most were forced to choose. Over the last ten years as a builder, Clinton has earned praise for his builds, and clients that keep coming back for more as they look to expand their portfolio of investment properties.

The Director and Lead builder of C & P Design And Construct has a simple mantra. “If it’s not good enough for my family to live in, it’s not good enough for the client”. This has driven every decision Clinton has made since he first picked up a hammer and nail, and will be the measure of quality and craftsmanship that you can expect from us.

Clinton leads from the ground, managing a team of skilled artisans, and is there for every step of the build, from project development and design, to handing the keys of your new home over.